22 June 2017 KRMEF introduces Light Eurythmy Ensemble for the First time in Nepal

On 31st May, the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation (KRMEF) hosted two rhythmic art performances called ‘Eurythmy’ at National Dance Hall in Kathmandu with the ‘Light Eurythmy Ensemble’- the artistic ensemble traveling all the way from Switzerland to Nepal. The one of its kind performance with Thomas Stutter (Switzerland) as the art - director facilitated by Aban Bana and Dilnawaz Bana from India. For Nepal it was the first time to have a Eurythmy performance.


The first performance specially designed for the children/students depicted the indian fairy tale "Baktha Dhruva, the Northstarchild" with music by Claude Debussy, where the performers captivated the young audience. The hall with 700 seats was comlete with students and children of different schools, which we invited to come.The second performance, “Who did say that the earth has died?” was targeted for adults with a collection of enchanting poems and european classical music. Roundabaout 450 visitors came to paticipate this performance and turned afterwards home with an enlightened heart. page1image10376

On the following day, the Eurythmy Ensemble performed at a community school nearby the foundation before conducting a workshop for the teachers and students at the Ankuran Education Center in KRMEF. This workshop turned out to be a great opportunity for all attendees to gain a more in depth knowledge of the art form and its therapeutic benefits.

This expressive art of dance form was initiated by Rudolf Steiner- the pioneer of Waldorf education program adopted by the foundations Ankuran Education Centre. Eurhythmy is not only used as a performance art but also for educational purposes in Waldforf schools. The purpose of Eurhythmy in education is to awaken and strengthen the expressive capacities of children though movement while stimulating their imagination.

The Ensemble also received a tour of the foundation and was able to learn more about the goals of the foundation and current projects. The tour included a visit to a nearby leprosy community where they learnt about the people in the community. Light Eurythmy Ensemble then informally conducted their final performance there without any costumes or additional facilities.


The beautiful performance pieces turned out to have positive responses from audiences for which the foundation feels highly honored and thankful. Though it was the first time, KRMEF feels that it is just the beginning of a positive ongoing relationship with Light Eurythmy Ensemble. This program of performances and knowledge sharing was extremely valuable to both KRMEF and members of Light Eurhythmy Ensemble. This performance piece really helped in bringing the art form to life and as an inspiration to the Nepalese communities.

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